UK Social Sailing with friends old and new...


Sailing's one of the best platforms in the world for simply having fun whilst enjoying a fantastic experience! It's exhilarating, inspiring and an all round moving journey that will give you perspective.....


Who's it good for?


Friends Sailing Club is Ideal for:

New sailors - Experience sailing for the 1st time, learn the ropes and good seamanship practice in a safe, friendly environment. No exams or embarrassing challenges. See Events

Occasional sailors - Develop your sailing skills - Polish up and learn new aspects of this great sport, maybe get some RYA qualifications?

Competitive sailors – Experience adrenaline sailing try racing/polish your skills

Single sailors – Sailing is a fantastic environment for developing new meaningful friendships. Be warned sailing is a sensual activity, the boats connection to the sea, wind, tides, moon....You will be moved!

Holidaying sailors – join our rally’s abroad on a skippered yacht or if you have the qualifications with your own yacht/family as part of our flotilla or alone with the benefit of our local knowledge. More... 

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